Thinking independently.

through empathy.

Building spaces
that create quality of life.

30+ years of real estate experience.

MVRK (mav(ǝ)rik) is a real estate development company that is unafraid to do development differently.

We put people at the center of our development process. Every decision we make is intentional, focused on solving people’s problems and creating or enhancing quality of life. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Instead, we concentrate on choosing and prioritizing the right investments at each property.

The result? Robust value propositions for both tenants and investors. Unorthodox ideas that deliver results people love. Flexibility, agility, and ongoing innovation. Development that comes from the heart.

The MVRK team has been directly involved with

5 B+
Real estate transactions
65 M+
Ground-up development
200 M+
Executed value-add acquisitions & renovations
Hands-on developers
We love the details. That’s why we stay fully engaged at every step of the process. We’re always trying to figure out what’s not working and how we can improve. It’s the only way to maximize value for tenants and investors.
High-QOL locations
MVRK develops exclusively in markets that promise tenants high quality of life. We analyze growth, economic diversity, and other quality-of-life indicators to identify the right new-build or value-add opportunities.
Long-term success
We attract and retain tenants by engineering strong value propositions and differentiation within in-demand pricing bands. We are flexible in product type, staying agile to meet market needs.

Innovative ideas.

Intentional decisions.

Amenities that matter.


Places people love to live.

Market selection
When it comes to investing in real estate, there’s no better crystal ball than sociology. Millennials and Gen Z are making different choices than previous generations. MVRK’s focus markets — Denver, Boise, Colorado Springs, Spokane, and other high-QOL mid-markets — offer the rich experiences, quality of life, growth, affordability, and access they seek.
Deal selection
MVRK’s deal selection philosophy is simple: Find locations and engineer deals that offer tremendous value propositions to the bulk of the market. By understanding the lifestyle goals and financial constraints of today’s younger renters and buyers, we identify the locations, properties, and amenities that will meet their needs.
Focus areas
Our primary focus areas include multifamily value-add acquisition and renovation, multifamily ground-up development, townhome ground-up development for rent, and townhome ground-up development for sale. We also work on condominium ground-up development, office & retail, and special use opportunities.

We create spaces that we ourselves would be happy to call home.

MVRK’s management philosophy is built upon a foundation of strong relationships, hands-on management, clear expectations, and a genuine commitment to improving people’s lives.

Jesse Hamilton

MVRK Principal
Operations & Capital

Jordan Meylan

MVRK Principal
Finance & Acquisitions

Be unafraid to hold yourself to a higher standard of development.